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sat 23 apr 2016 19:00 hrs
Composers: Gijs van Dijk | Han Bennink

Pianist Franco D’Andrea, one of the most famous Italian jazz masters. He shared the stage with the most adventurous Dutch drummer Han Bennink. Already in the sixties they competed in the top and played, independent of each other, with among others Johnny Griffin and Steve Lacy. Now they perform with clarinettist Daniële D’Agaro and trombonist Mauro Ottolini. Recordings from the Amsterdam Bimhuis.

Daniële D’Agaro – clarinet
Mauro Ottolini – trombone
Franco D’Andrea – piano
Han Bennink – drums
Bimhuis, Amsterdam, 26 March 2016
Production: Gijs van Dijk

Producer and presenter:
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