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Damas del Tango

fri 15 jan 2016 22:00 hour
Genre: Tango

Part 4: Rosita Quiroga.

The series Damas del Tango pays attention to female singers in tango music. This episode is dedicated to Rosita Quiroga, who had a short but successful career as a tango singer, especially in the 20s. The next episode will be about a comparison between the styles of singing, lifes and careers of Azucena Maizani and Rosita Quiroga.
Rosita Quiroga.jpg
Rosita Quiroga
Tune: Emancipación / Pugliese_From Argentina.

  1. De Mi Barrio, Rosita Quiroga, Pato    
  2. Sentencia, Rosita Quiroga, Pato
  3. Ladrillo, Rosita Quiroga, 1929
  4. Puente Alsina, Rosita Quiroga, Pato
  5. La Musa Mistonga, Rosita Quiroga    (1925-1928), Vol. 2.
  6. Muchacho, Rosita Quiroga, Pato
  7. A Media Luz, Rosita Quiroga, Aquellos Tangos De…
  8. Fumando Espero, Rosita Quiroga, Aquellos Tangos De…
  9. Negro, Rosita Quiroga,  Pato Jazz
  10. Oime Negro, Rosita Quiroga, (1925-1928), Vol. 2.    
  11. Gorda, Rosita Quiroga, Pato    
  12. Que familia! Rosita Quiroga, Pato
  13. En La Via, Rosita Quiroga, 1929
  14. Maula, Rosita Quiroga, Aquellos Tangos De…
  15. Trago Amargo, Rosita Quiroga, Aquellos Tangos De…
  16. Vete, Rosita Quiroga, Pato
  17. La Cumparsita, Ciriaco Ortiz, Conversando con el Fueye

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