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Damas del Tango

sat 27 feb 2016 04:00 hour
Genre: Tango

Part 5: Azucena Maizani and Rosita Quiroga

The series Damas del Tango pays attention to female singers in tango music. The fifth episode is all about the comparison of the singing styles, life stories and careers of Azucena Maizani and Rosita Quiroga. They were the most well known representatives of the tango arrabalero, the tango of and about working-class areas of Buenos Aires.
Rosita Quiroga
Tune: Emancipación / Pugliese, From Argentina.

  1. La apología del tango 2:06 Azucena Maizani, Inolvidable 1
  2. Apologia Tanguera 2:50, Rosita Quiroga, Pato
  3. Mano a mano Azucena Maizani, Tango 3.08                                                                              
  4. Mano a Mano 3:23 Rosita Quiroga (1925-1928), Vol. 2
  5. Cuando llora la milonga 2:04 Azucena Maizani, Inolvidable 1
  6. Quejas de Suburbio 2:39 Rosita Quiroga (1925-1928), Vol. 2
  7. Malevaje 1:49 Azucena Maizani, La Baiba De Un Beso
  8. Sentimiento Malevo 3:00 Rosita Quiroga, Pato  
  9. Yira Yira 2:41 Azucena Maizani, La Baiba De Un Beso
  10. Que Vachache 2:51 Rosita Quiroga, Pato
  11. Copa de Ajenjo 2:30 Azucena Maizani, Monte Criollo
  12. Traviesa 1926 2:59 Rosita Quiroga                                                                                   
  13. Llevátelo Todo 2:05 Azucena Maizani, Monte Criollo
  14. Mandria 3:16 Rosita Quiroga (1925-1928), Vol. 2
  15. Se Va la Vida 2:04 Azucena Maizani, La Baiba De Un Beso
  16. Sonsa 3:10 Rosita Quiroga (1925-1928), Vol. 2
  17. Usted Sabe Señor Juez 2:02 Azucena Maizani, Amanece
  18. Culpas Ajenas 3.05 Rosita Quiroga 1929                                                                                
  19. Mano a Mano [2.40] Ciriaco Ortiz, Conversando con el Fueye]
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