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fri 20 apr 2018 22:00 


Acoustic Roots was in Delft for recording and interview of Sklamberg & the Shepherds (Part 2)


The Acoustic team was this time on stage to attend the concert of Sklamberg & the Shepherds, which took place on Wednesday 7 March 2018 in the Synagogue of Delft.

They are three renowned artists of traditional East European Jewish music together:

  1. Lorin Sklamberg (USA), co-founder and singer of the Klezmatics; clarinettist, accordionist, pianist, composer

  2. Merlin Shepherd (UK) a unique innovative force in the klezmer renaissance, clarinetist
  3. Polina Shepherd (Rusl./UK), a virtuoso vocalist, pianist, composer, originally from Siberia.


Sklamberg & the Shepherds combine traditional and newly composed Yiddish and Russian songs with klezmer and south-Mediterranean music. Lorin, Polina and Merlin represent three nations although their families come from very close geographical locations. At the end of the 19th century, Merlin’s great-grandparents from Ukraine and Romania emigrated to escape from pogroms and seek a better world in Europe. Lorin’s ancestors emigrated from a small town in the Ukraine to the United States.

The grandparents of Polina escaped from the Sho’ah by fleeing from Kiev and Odessa to Siberia. Influenced by different cultures and preserving the styles, they play original and traditional material with a lot of freedom and spontaneity.


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