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Dancing Around The Throne

A visit to and around the court of Saint Petersburg, Stockholm and the Dutch royal family. Episode 9: William V and Louis Bonaparte.

1. Leopold Kozeluch. Sonate  La Chasse. Gert Oost, organ of the Reformed Church, Beekbergen and organ of the Lady chapel, Echternach.
2. Johan Andrea Kauchlitz Colizzi. Duetto Vanne ragnar. Mirjam Beumer, soprano. Janet Emmelkamp, alto. Mariette Holtrop, violin. Jan Pieter Coolwijk, violin. Marten Boeken, viola. Richte van der Meer, cello. Margaret Urquhart, violone.
3. George Henry Derwort. From a collection of admired Italian, French, German, Spanish and English songs. Henriette Feith, soprano. Regina Albanez, guitar. Riko Fukuda, fortepiano.
4. Albertus Groneman. Triosonata in E minor, opus 2, no. 2. Gert Oost, Bätz organ, Gothic Hall, the Hague.
5. Francesco Zappa. Sonate pour le Piano Forte. Bart van Oort, fortepiano.
6. Louis Drouet. No. 1 to 6 from 25 Famous Studies. Marc Grauwels, flute.
7. Johann Heinrich Lübeck. Final scene from the Festive Cantata, 17 November 1863. Vocaal Ensemble conducted by Gert Oost, organ.