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fri 14 feb 2014 17:00 

This month, Fred Piek’s choice: ’13 songs from 2011 you may or may not have heard before’ by American singer songwriter Richard Shindell.

In the Disc-Cover series, we present unknown or unpopular jewels among records, which are worth listening to (again). This month, it is Fred Piek who chooses which ones to play. Piek is known in the Netherlands from ‘Kaap’ren varen’ Fungus, but also from the Amazing Stroopwafels with the solid top 2000 hit ‘Oude Maasweg’. After performing with Fungus and the Stroopwafels, Piek performed with the 3 Heren and made solo CDs. A few years ago he recorded old Fungus songs in an acoustic version, together with multi-instrumentalist Walter Kuipers. After that he formed a duo with Fungus’ ex-drummer Louis Debij, and Piek currently performs with Bert Ridderbos and Linde Nijland.
Piek chose a somewhat recent album, from 2011: ’13 songs you may or may not have heard before,’ by American singer songwriter Richard Shindell. This album contains old songs by Shindell, remade in a sparing new arrangement. Piek once did the same on ‘Vroeger is Terug’. The album Piek chose is a sort of ‘best of by the artist himself’. It is clear that the beautiful songs in these captivating arrangements keep the same eloquence as before, and in some cases sound even better than the original version. On top of that, seeing as Shindell is counted among the best and most interesting singer songwriters of recent years, there is yet another good reason to stay glued to your favourite radio transmitter for the next hour.

  1. Fred Piek & Walter Kuipers – Kaap’ren varen (trad)
    Vroeger is terug – MWCD4018
  2. You stay here
  3. Transit
  4. Fishing
  5. The last fare of the day
  6. The ballad of Mary Magdalen
  7. Beyond the iron gate
  8. Are you happy now
  9. Sparrows Point
  10. Fenario
  11. Waiting for the storm
  12. Reunion Hill
  13. The Next Best Western
    Tracks 2-13: Richard Shindell – 13 songs you may or may have not heard before – Amalgamated Balladry.