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sat 20 jun 2015 02:00 hrs

Gula Gula of the Norwegian Sami singer Mari Boine Persen.


Albums which matter, but are not always noticed or not anymore. These you will hear in the series Disc-Cover!, in which we dive into the cabinet with records and CDs and find dusty or forgotten masterpieces. Those do not need to be the magnum opus of an artist or group. But an album which was remarkable or seemed to have been in the time it was recorded and released; which started a movement; which went beyond borders; gave a signal; or just belonged to the standard work in its genre.
Today, the Norwegian singer Mari Boine Persen and her album Gula gula. The translation of the title is “Hear the voices of my grandmothers”. It shows the direction the music takes. In fact, it is a political album of the singer with Sami roots. Against oppression and discrimination against her people, but actually all minority groups. The album was rereleased by the label Real World of Peter Gabriel, which just started back then. Gabriel wanted to give a voice to other cultures. With Gula gula that obviously worked. Not that Boine and her album totally changed the world, but it certainly contributed to a better knowledge of the Sami culture, their music and Boine herself of course…
01.    Gula Gula
02.    Vilges Suola
03.    Balu Badjel Go Vuoittán
04.    Du Lahka
05.    It Sat Duolmma Mu
06.    Eadnán Bákti
07.    Oppskrift for Herrefolk
08.    Duinne
09.    Mari Boine Persen – Das Aiggun
Cuozzut/Orbina [Within Myself] (Boine)
Eallin – Antilles5337-2
10.    Mari Boine Persen – Vuolgga Mu Mielde
Bassivarrai [Come with Me to the
Sacred Mountain] (Boine)
Eallin – Antilles 533799-2
11.    Mari Boine Persen – Mun Da’ Han Lean
Oaivamus (Just When I Had…) (Boine)
Leahkastin – Verve 523889-2
Tracks 1 t/m 8: Mari Boine Persen – Gula Gula – Real World CDRW 13.
Alle composities: Mari Boine Persen, behalve 2 (Bjorg Persen, Mari Boine Persen), 6 (Kerttu Vuolab, Mari Boine Persen) en 7 (Ranur Olsen, Mari Boine Persen)

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