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fri 8 jan 2016 20:00 hour

The album Bright Phoebus by the Watersons from 1972.

A real collector’s item in this episode of Disc-Cover. In 1972 Lal and Mike Waterson released the album Bright Phoebus. A collection of their own, modern songs with little instrumental accompaniment. They wrote songs in a period when their original band, the family quartet The Watersons with their sister Norma and cousin John Harrison were on a break. As a consequence of failed pressing, but also a lack of interest of fans in the new direction of the Watersons members, the album became a flop. Not because of musical reasons. In the years after the respect for sharp songs only increased. Unfortunately the album was never rereleased. This made Bright Phoebus a collector’s item with an estimated value of a couple of hundred pounds. Take advantage of the Concertzender and listen to this episode about this hardly obtainable record for free. You will also discover the beauty of an innovative record that is now more than 40 years old.


The Watersons – Mighty river of song –Topic TSFCD4002
1.    Hal-an-Tow (trad) 2.04
       Lal & Mike Waterson – Bright Phoebus
       – Trailer Records LES 2076   
2.    Rubber Band (Mike Waterson) 2.56
3.    The Scarecrow (Lal & Mike Waterson) 3.47
4.    Fine Horseman (Lal Waterson) 3.30
5.    Winifer Odd (Lal Waterson) 2.42
6.    Danny Rose (Lal & Mike Waterson) 2.39
7.    Child Among The Weeds (Lal Waterson, Chris
       Collins) 3.38
8.    The Magical Man (Lal & Mike Waterson, Chris
       Collins) 2.44
9.    Never The Same (Lal Waterson) 2.53
10.  To Make You Stay (Lal Waterson) 2.09
11.  Shady Lady (Mike Waterson) 3.16
12.  Red Wine And Promises (Lal Waterson) 3.01
13.  Bright Phoebus (Mike Waterson) 2.54
      The Watersons – Mighty river of song –Topic
14.  Lal Waterson – Song For Thirza (Lal Waterson)
Various Artists – Shining Bright- Songs of Mike & Lal Waterson – Topic TSCD519
15.  Norma Waterson – Song for Thirza (Lal
      Waterson) 4.08
16.  Linda & Teddy Thompson  feat. Van Dyke
      Parks – Evona Darling (Lal Waterson) 3.16
The Watersons – Mighty river of song –Topic TSFCD4002
17.  Blue Murder – Mole in a Hole (Mike Waterson)
Various Artists – Shining Bright- Songs of Mike & Lal Waterson – Topic TSCD519
18. John Pashley’s Phoenix New Orleans Parade
     Band – Bright Phoebus (Mike Waterson)

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