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fri 10 aug 2018 20:00 

Interesting albums from the folk and roots music history, by Marius Roeting! Today we listen to Iain Matthews & Searing Quartet – Joy Mining.

Iain Matthews has been active as a singer, guitar player and composer for over fifty years now. He once started in a local group called Pyramids. Late sixties he was part of Fairport Convention, a formation which was considered very progressive back in the day. As some sort of alternative British folk pop this group worked on mainly American songs by contemporary artists. After three albums and when the group evolved into a more Anglo-Saksen folk band he left. He never forgot them.

After he left a solo career followed. One that often followed parallel with group activities like Plainsong and Matthews Southern Comfort. It was with that group he scored a major hit with a cover of Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock. It is with that song that we start today’s broadcast of Disc-Cover. But the album we devote two whole episodes to is according to many the controversial album Joy Mining. A jazz album of a folk singer who never was a folk singer to begin with because in his early years Matthews did a lot in interpretations. Many of which were of American singer-songwriters and pop songs. (Mercy Street of Peter Gabriel and Brown eyed Girl of Van Morrison just to name of few) and some traditional songs but not as much.

With songs that really tell a story Matthews made himself known as a most talented sing-songwriter. And then in 2008 to everyone’s surprise he released an album which he recorded with Searing Quartet led by pianist Egbert Derix. Despite skepticism expressed by his older fans Joy Mining might well be the best album this singer-songwriter has ever released. Especially the skill to completely master a different style is magnificent.

The structure of the songs change and you can still feel it. Because this album lasts for eighty minutes and we couldn’t decide which songs to play we’ll spend two episodes on this masterpiece. We’ll also play some of his other songs mostly of his most recent album ‘Like a Radio’. This album was recorded with the restarted Matthews Southern Comfort group, this time with Dutch artists such as Bart-Jan Baartmans, Bart de Win en Erik De Vries. And on top of that Matthews’ English biography about his grand career will be in stores this summer. There is the regular hard cover edition but also the collector’s edition with two CDs with his collected work.

More information see also: http://www.route-online.com/all-books/thro-my-eyes-a-memoir.html


Matthews Southern Comfort – Later that same year – MCA Records 5C 038-99192


  1. Woodstock (Joni Mitchell) 4.27

Ian Matthews – Some days you eat the bear… – Elektra K4216

  1. Dirty Work (Fagan, Becker) 2.54


Iain Matthews & Searing quartet – Joy Mining – Matrix MX001

  1. St. Theresa’s Ghost 6.05
  2. In Spite of Myself 7.24
  3. Fishing 3.37
  4. My Town 6.39
  5. Randolph Scott 6.38
  6. God’s Eye View 6.23
  7. Waves 5.30
  8. Reservoir 5.37


Tracks 3 – 10: Iain Matthews & Egbert Derix, except track 7: Matthews, Derix, Roberts



Produced by: