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fri 10 dec 2021 19:00 

Interesting albums from the folk and roots music history, by Marius Roeting.

After hearing the agitated guitar play, as well as the matching vocal strophes of American singer-songwriter Jim Page, some people can start feeling quite nervous. This is the American;s signature style. But you should also listen to his beautiful ballads, which demonstrate that he is a skilled guitarist. But above all, you should listen to his lyrics. In it, he does not mince his words. He is always critical of abuses and stands up for the less fortunate. Environmental issues, Me-too, racial or gender inequality and discrimination? These have been themes in Jim Page’s songs for years. Besides being a musician, he is also a social activist and defends the interests of street musicians. Although he plays at venues and festivals, he can just as easily be found on a street corner, where he is not afraid to share his songs with the world. A true adept of the great Woody Guthrie: topic songs in a tasty, catchy package. Trying to make the world and its surroundings a little more attractive. That is why, in this episode of Disc-Cover, we focus on More than anything else in the world, one of the most accessible albums of this remarkable musician.

Jim Page


Jim Page – More than anything else in the worldWhid-Isle

1.      A Sign of the Times 4:01

2.      Roll out the Red Carpet for the 90’s 6:18

3.      More Than Anything Else in the World 3:39

4.      Gasworks Park 4:55

5.      Bishop on the Run 3:41

6.      Valdez 3:46

7.      Saratoga Billy 4:45

8.      Gays in the Military 3:35

9.      If You Love the Water, Let It Rain 3:04

10.  Sinead 4:11

11.  Wages of History 3:48

12.  A Love Undone 4:21

Jim Page – Visions In My View Flying fish FF367

13.  Anna Mae 6:17


All compositions: Jim Page, except for track 23: Text Page, Music trad, arr Page


Produced by: