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fri 12 aug 2022 19:00 

Interesting albums from the history of folk and roots music, selected by Marius Roeting.

In 1972, the album In Search of Amelia Earthart by British formation Plainsong was released. Expectations were high. Initially, the foursome made quite an impression with their mix of British folk, their own songs and especially their interpretations of American songs, both traditional and by contemporary singer-songwriters. However, after the album was recorded and released, things quickly went amiss. Performances became increasingly rare, tensions arose between band members and sales were disappointing. Only a year after their formation, the curtain fell for Plainsong, halfway through the production of their second album. That was released many years later, supplemented with some demos and outtakes, because it was impossible to fill a whole album with the available material.

Why did such a talented bunch fare so badly? What was the reason for their break-up? For years, many rumours circulated. The most common rumour was that things started to fall apart as soon as the only American band member- guitarist, bassist and singer Bob Ronga – was refused a work permit in England and had to leave. An acceptable explanation, but shortly before his departure, the working relationship with Ronga had already been terminated. Because of drinking problems and uncooperative behaviour, so it was said. But this is too simplistic a conclusion. Half a century later, journalist Ian Clayton delved into the history of the group, spoke with the only two band member still alive – Iain Matthews and Andy Roberts and others closely involved and reconstructed what really happened to Plainsong in 1972. The title of the book is In Search of Plainsong, after the only official album by -the original line-up of- Plainsong. In the light of this story, today’s episode of DiscCover focuses on an album that was once labelled ‘the best debut album’ of all time.

To find out more, read:

Ian Clayton – In search for Plainsong, Route Publishers ISBN 978-1-901927-87-0


Plainsong – In search of Amelia Earhart – Elektra  K 42120

1.    For The Second Time (Iain Matthews) 3:49

2.   Yo Yo Man (Marty Cooper, Rick Cunha) 2:11

3.   Louise (Paul Siebel) 3:17

4.   Call The Tune (Iain Matthews) 5:20

5.   Deisel On My Tail (Jim Fagin) 2:03

6.   Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight (Dave McEnery) 4:03

7.   I’ll Fly Away (Albert Brumley) 2:03

8.   True Story Of Amelia Earhart (Iain Matthews) 4:31

9.   Even The Guiding Light (Iain Matthews) 4:10

10.  Side Roads (Iain Matthews) 3:27

11.   Raider (Jerry Yester, Judy Henske) 4:29

Plainsong – And That’s that – Taxim Records TX 2002-2 TA

12.  All around my grandmother’s floor (Andy Roberts, Mike Evens) 3:07

Plainsong – Dark side of the room – Line Records LICD 9.01247 O

13.  Sweet Amelia (Andy Roberts, Iain Matthews) 1:42

Plainsong – New place now – Spin Along Records SPACD 001

14.  Following Amelia (Clive Gregson) 4:18

Plainsong – The Folk Fairport Concert 25 April 1972 – Route

15.  Souling Song (trad) 0:57

16Bold Marauder (Richard Farina) 5:45

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