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fri 13 jan 2023 19:00 

Interesting albums from the folk and roots music history, by Marius Roeting.


Riccardo Tesi is acclaimed as one of the most esteemed accordion players on the planet. He played together and recorded CDs with fellow greats such as John Kirkpatrick, Kepa Junkera, the Irishman David Munnely and the Belgian Didier Laloy. A frequent accompanist, he was present on many albums of Elena Ledda, the nightingale from Sardinia. The virtuoso’s record debut on the “organetto diatonico”(the diatonic accordion) was in 1983 with the album Il ballo della lepre, which he recorded with Sardinian guitarist Alberto Balia and multi-instrumentalist Daniele Craighead. That album is the focus of this episode of DiscCover, the program in which we reintroduce long-forgotten, unknown and essential albums worth re-listening. There is also
-limited- attention to the continuation of his career, among others, with the project group Carlotti, Craighead, Tesi, Vaillant, his formation Banditaliana and his other passion, the theatre performances around the song Bella Ciao. In one recording, we hear Tesi solo, presenting his ability in extremes. We conclude with a unique live recording of his record debut with Albero Balia and also his accordion great Ambrosio Sparagna. And then we have not presented anything of his collaborations with Patrick Vaillant, Gianluigi Trovesi, Claudio Corboni, Maurizio Geri etc. DiscCover so with Riccardo Tesi in his younger days…


Riccardo Tesi & Alberto Balia with Daniele Craighead – Il ballo della lepre – Music & Words MWCD 4001


1. Carnevale 4:39

2. Saltarello per Eugenio (trad, Tesi) 8:23

3. Controdanza 4:11

4. Ruggero e Tresca 2:22

5. Moresca (Alfonso Nicotera) 2:24

6. Il ballo della lepre 6:18

7. Castellana e saltarello marchigiano 4:37

8. Lanterna magica 7:20

Carlotti, Craigheaad, Tesi, Vaillant – Anita Anita – SilexY225037

9. Anita E Pepin (Carlotti) 4:05

Riccardo Tesi Banditaliana – Banditaliana – Felmay F8022

10. Maggio (Tesi, Geri, Bueno) 3:27

Various artists – Bella Ciao – Buda Musiques 4759288

11. Bella ciao partigiana (Amodei) 2:14

Riccardo Tesi – Riccardo Tesi – Cinq Planetes CP 09381

12. Marock (Tesi) 3:12

Tesi, Balia, Sparagna – live Folkstudio Rome 03-02-1981

13. Tarantella (trad) 3:27


All tracks are traditional except where indicated

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