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An educational programme with early music. A preview of Festival Oude Muziek (Early Music Festival) 2011, part 2. The focus is on a number of ensembles that will be performing at the upcoming Festival Oude Muziek. Part 2 features Graindelavoix, Cantica Symphonia, Profeti della Quinta, and Mala Punica.

The 30th edition of the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht (Early Music Festival Utrecht) is centered around Rome (‘Roma – citta eterna‘) and takes place from Friday 26 August to Sunday 4 September in the inner city of Utrecht.
Check the website for the festival programme.
If you enjoyed this festival, you can relish some post-enjoyment of it during this programme.
We play a number of ensembles and show you musicians who appeared at the festival. This episode features Graindelavoix (see picture above), Cantica Symphonia, Profeti della Quinta and Mala Punica.
Alexander Agricola (1446-1506).
1. Cecus non judicat de coloribus, prima pars.
2. Je n’ay dueil que de vous.
Juan de Anchieta (1462-1523).
3. Musica quid defles (lament for the death of Agricola).
Graindelavoix led by Björn Schmelzer.
(Glossa GCD P32105, 2010)
Costanzo Festa (c.1490-1545).
4. Motet Deus, venerunt gentes.
Cantica Symphonia led by Giuseppe Maletto and Kees Boeke.
(Stradivarius STR 33585, 2003)
Salomone Rossi (c.1570-c.1630).
5. Hymeneal: "Lemi ehpots".
6. Psalm 80: 4, 8, 20: "Elohim hashivenu".
7. "Yitgadal veyitkadash".
Profeti Della Quinta led by Elam Rotem and ensemble Muscadin led by Alena Honigova.
(Panclassics PAN 10214, 2009)
Matteo da Perugia (fl. 1400-1416).
8. Canon: Andray Soulet.
9. Rondeau: Dame Playsans.
Mala Punica led by Pedro Memelsdorff.
(Erato 8573-82163-2, 1999)
Anthonello de Caserta (late 14th, early 15th century).
10. Dame d’onour.
Jill Feldman, soprano. Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano. Claudine Ansermet, soprano. Giuseppe Maletto, tenor.
Mala Punica led by Pedro Memelsdorff.
(Arcana A 23, 1996)

Mala Punica