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Educational programme with early music. English Strings: 16th and 17th-century English music finds its inspiration and vitality at the same time in folklore. This can be heard clearly in the masterful musical hands of gamba and lute duo Vittorio Ghielmi & Luca Pianca, as well as the La Beata Olanda ensemble which was trained in the Netherlands.

1. Solomon Eccles (1618-1682).
– Division to a Ground.
2. Christopher Simpson (1610-1669).
– Divisions upon a Ground (from: The Division Viol, London, 1667).
3. Anthony Poole (17th century).
– Divisions on the Polewheele’s ground.
4. Anonymous, Playford.
– The Duke of Norfolk, division on a ground (from: The Division Violin, Playford).
5. Christopher Simpson.
– Divisions upon a Ground (from: The Division Viol, London, 1667).
Vittorio Ghielmi, discant and bass gamba.
Luca Pianca, lute and baroque guitar.
(HMI 987066, 2006)
6. John Playford (1623-1686).
– Nobody’s Jig (from: The English Dancing Master).
7. David Mell (1604-1662).
– John come kiss me now (from: The Division Violin).
John Playford.
– The Jovial Beggars – Simeron’s Dance (from: The English Dancing Master).
8. Matthew Locke (1621-1677).
Suite No. 7 in G minor (from: The Little Consort).
– Pavane – Ayre – Courante – Sarabande.
John Playford (from: The English Dancing Master).
9. Irish Bouree.
10. Scots Rant.
11. Wallingford House.
12. The Queen’s delight.
La Beata Olanda: Claudia Hoffmann, violin and pochette (dance master violin). Gerald Stempfel, recorder and gamba. Thorsten Bleich, theorbe, lute and guitar. Tina Speckhofer, harpsichord.
(Carpe Diem Records CD-16273, 2008)
13. Thomas Ford (1580-1648).
– Why not Here, m. Crosse his Choice.
14. Vittorio Ghielmi.
– Little Dew, Little Light.
15. Thomas Ford.
– Cate of Bardy.
16. Luca Pianca.
– The Devil’s Dream.
17. Henry Purcell (1659-1695).
(from: King Arthur / divisions: L. Pianca).
– Your Hay, it’s mov’d.
Vittorio Ghielmi, discant, bass gamba and vocals.
Luca Pianca, lute, ceterone, baroque guitar and vocals.
(HMI 987066, 2006)

Luca Pianca and Vittorio Ghielmi