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mon 6 may 2013 19:00 
Composer: Jankees Braaksma

An educational programme with early music. The project Klinkende Klei, part 1. Klinkende Klei is a project (book + CD) with and about medieval music from Groningen and Ommelanden.

In 2012 the ensemble Super Librum has released a beautiful CD entitled ‘Klinkende Klei, Medieval music from Groningen and Ommelanden’.
In Documento a 2-part broadcast in search of the most early music from the Northern Netherlands.
Today part 1; Monday 20 May part 2 will follow.
1. Thit sce therna to ener stunde
Lyrics: first Hunsinger Codex from 1252, composition: Jankees Braaksma 2003
2. Te deum laudamus
Stephanusabdij Oudwijk near Utrecht
3. Hellums paasspel
Catharijneconvent in Utrecht
4. Ad cantus leticie
Johannus A Lasco Bibliotheek, Emden
5. Asperance – Orgel
University Library Groningen
From Organ tablature Winsum 1431:
6. Wol up gesellen yst an der tyt (improvisation at carillon)
7. Wol up gesellen yst an der tyt
8. Kyrie (composition: Jankees Braaksma)
9. Credo
10. Summum sanctus
11. Frysicum/Hadden wy in Christo
Melody: Organ tablature Winsum, composition:  Jankees Braaksma
12. Frysicum – Organ
Organ tablature Winsum
13. Basse dance Frysicum
Melody: Organ tablature Winsum, composition: Jankees Braaksma
14. Ave Maria suete maecht
Utrecht, circa 1500
Processionales from the Martinikerk in Groningen, 1601, M5 I B 50, Amsterdam:
15. Dies est letitiae
16. Ave spes et salus infirmorum
17. Surrexit Christus hodie
18. Inter natus mulierum
Super Librum conducted by Jankees Braaksma
(CD 045602, 2012)