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mon 19 jan 2015 19:00 

An educational programme featuring early music.
Dutch TrioSonatas, part 1. A new monthly series of trio sonatas from the Dutch Baroque era, collected in European libraries by violinist Nico Brandon.

Dutch trio sonatas can surely compete with the famous colleagues abroad like Arcangelo Corelli. It is often thought that they cannot compete but this is not true. Obviously not everything is excellent, but that’s not a typical Dutch phenomenon.
Nico Brandon searched in European libraries and found a lot of sheet music from the Dutch Baroque era. He recorded the music for radio purposes in the 1980s and 1990s. Unique recordings of music that we practically never hear anymore these days. That’s why the Concertzender gladly pays some attention to it.
Benedictus Buns (1642-1716)
Trio sonatas from Orpheus Elianus:
1. Sonate 7, modulating from F sharp to E flat
Adagio / Allegro / Adagio / Giga / Adagio
2. Sonata 4 in A
Moderato / Adagio / Moderato / Adagio
3. Sonata 1 in C minor
Adagio / Moderato e Largo / Adagio / Allegro / Adagio
4. Sonata 9 in B flat
Moderato / Adagio / Moderato / Adagio
5. Sonata 8 in E flat
Forte / Allegro / Adagio / Forte / Largo / Adagio
6. Sonata 2 in G
Adagio / Moderato e Largo / Adagio / Allegro: Giga / Adagio
7. Sonata 5 in E minor
Adagio / Moderato Canzon / Allegro / Grave / Allegro
8. Sonata 6 in B minor
Adagio / Moderato e Largo / Lento / Adagio / Menuet / Adagio
9. Trio sonata in F
Adagio / Largo / Allegro Canzon / Adagio / Largo
Bouwmeester Consort: Nico Brandon and Mary de Ligt, baroque violin. Ben de Ligt, baroque cello. Marijke Smit Sibinga, harpsichord.
(Private collection Nico Brandon’s cassettes, period 1970-1990)
Picture: Benedictus Buns