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An educational programme featuring early music. Early polyphony: a short series on the development of the early polyphony, part 2.

In part one you could listen to music from Ars Antiqua. Today in part two we will continue with music of French Ars Nova and music from Trecento, sometimes called the Italian Ars Nova, and music from Ars Subtilior.
The era of Ars Nova started around 1320 and contained almost the entire fourteenth century. Important music renewals took place at the time.
Philippe de Vitry (1292-1361)
1. Motet: Gratissima virginis/Vos qui admiramini/Gaude gloriosa/Contratenor
Gothic Voices conducted by Christopher Page
(Hyperion CDA 66238)
Guillaume de Machaut (ca. 1300-1377)
2. Amours me fait desirer – ballade
3. Doulz viaire gracieus – Rondeau
4. Douce dame jolie – virelai – instrumentaal
Ensemble Alba Musica Kyo
(Channel Classics CCS 7094)
Jean Vaillant (14e eeuw)
5. Par maintes foys – ballade de oiseaux
Anthonello de Caserta (late 14e eeuw – vroege 15e eeuw)
6. Beaute parfaite – ballade (tekst van Machaut)
Ensemble Alba Musica Kyo
(Channel Classics CCS 7094)
Francesco Landini (ca. 1325-1397)
7. Gram piant’agli ochi – ballata
8. De! dinmi tu – caccia
Jacopo da Bologna (14e eeuw)
9. Vestisse la cornachia – madrigale  
10. I’me sun un che – madrigale
Matteo da Perugia (? – 1418)
11. Sera quel zorno – ballata
Ensemble Alba Musica Kyo
(Channel Classics CCS 5793)
Johannes Ciconia (ca. 1335 – ca. 1411)
12. Sus Un Fontayne
Huelgas Ensemble conducted by Paul van Nevel
(Pavane Records ADW 7345/6/7)

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