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mon 3 oct 2016 19:00 

An educational programme featuring early music. In this episode a special, musical project of Accordone leader Guido Morini: ‘Solve et Coagula’ on a libretto of singer Marco Beasley. This contemporary ‘opera’ is based on the willful 18th-century poet, Freemason and alchemist Raimondo di Sangro. 


In September 2014, the duo of Marco Beasley and Guido Morini, aka Accordone, gaves us a longer work of Morini: ‘Solve et Coagula’ (Dissolve and Coagulate). Beasley wrote the lyrics.

This is a projects of Italian harpsichord and organ player and composer Guido Morini, who was Marco Beasley’s musical partner for 30 years up to two years ago.



Raimondo di Sangro

‘Solve et Coagula’ revolves around willful poet, Freemason and alchemist Raimondo di Sangro.

Raimondo di Sangro was an unknown and mysterious figure from 18-century Naples. He left behind a palace and a chapel that played a role in the murder of composer Gesualdo.
Guido Morini and Marco Beasley made the piece dramatic. The style and atmosphere of Neapolitan baroque music can be heard in the music.


Guido Morini (1959) / lyrics: Marco Beasley (1957)
– Solve et Coagula:

1. Sinfonia
2. La Porta
3. La Pudicizia
4. Il Disinganno
5. L’Occhio del Male
6. Aria di Don Raimondo
7. Sol
8. Luna
9. Compianto del Cristo Velato
10. La Formula
11. Le Macchine Anatomiche
12. I Lazzari
13. L’Angelo
14. Il Testamento di Raimondo di Sangro


Marco Beasley, tenor. Accordone conducted by Guido Morini, harpsichord: Elisa Citterio and Rossella Croce, violin. Gianni Maraldi, viola. Marco Frezzato, violoncello. Vanni Moretto, double bass. Franco Pavan, theorbe
(CD Solve et Coagula. ALPHA 537, 2014)



Marco Beasley and Guido Morini

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