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mon 3 apr 2017 19:00 hrs

An educational programme featuring early music. Telemann gone for 250 years, part 1; his ‘early’ work. In 2017 is the 250th anniversary of Telemann’s death, probably the most productive composer in history.

1. Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Partita 1 for oboe and basso continuo in B sharp Major, TWV 41: B1
– Con Affetto
– Aria 1 Presto
– Aria 2 Dolce
– Aria 3 Vivace
– Aria 4 Largo
– Aria 5
– Aria 6 Allegro
Camerata Köln with Hans Peter Westermann, oboe

2. Georg Philipp Telemann
Partita 4 for Viola da gamba and bc in G minor, TWV 41: g2
– Grave
– Aria 1 Allegro
– Aria 2 Allegro
– Aria 3 Tempo di menuetto
– Aria 4 Allegro
– Aria 5 Tempo Giusto
– Aria 6 Allegro assai
Camerata Köln with Julie Borsodi, viola da gamba
(CD G.P.Telemann Kleine Cammer-Musik, CPO 999 497-2, 1997)

3. Georg Philipp Telemann
Die Hoffnung des Wiedersehens – Cantata TVWV 22:6
I. Aria: Süsse Hoffnung, wenn ich frage
II. Recitatief: Mein Herz verging in tausend Sorgen
III. Aria: Kehre wieder, mein Vergnügen
IV. Recitatief: Ja Ja! Ich sehe schon die Sonne meiner Lust
V. Aria: Bald, bald hoff’ ich ze sehen
L’Orfeo Barockorchester conducted by Michi Gaigg with Dorothee Mields, soprano
(CD Hoffnung des Wiedersehens, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 88697901822, 2012)

4. Georg Philipp Telemann
Partita 2 for transverse flute and bc in G Major, TWV 41: G2
– Siciliano
– Aria 1 Allegro
– Aria 2 Allegro
– Aria 3 Vivace
– Aria 4 Affetuoso
– Aria 5 Presto
– Aria 6 Tempo di Minuetto
Camerata Köln with Karl Kaiser, transverse flute
(CD G.P.Telemann Kleine Cammer-Music, CPO 999 497-2)

5. Georg Philipp Telemann
Part of opera ‘Omphale’, TVWV 21:14
I. Aria: Kannst du wohl was an mir finden
II. Aria: Ein tröstendes Hoffen auf fredige Stnden
III. Aria: Die Liebe sieget alle Zeit
L’Orfeo Barockorchester conducted by Michi Gaigg met Dorothee Mields, soprano
(CD Hoffnung des Wiedersehens, DHM 88697901822)

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