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An educational programme featuring early music. Today the fifth part of an eight-part series on music from the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. This part is on Anglican church music..

Scottish Metrical Psalter (24970711791) Manuscript by Wood (Wode) Thomas, Vicar of St. Andrews (1562–1592)

Christopher Tye (ca 1505 – voor 1573)
1  I  lift my heart to Thee, my Lord
2  Praise ye the Lord, ye children
Choir of Magdalen College Oxford conducted by Bill Grayston Ives. Richard Pinel, organ
(CD: Christopher Tye : Latin and English Church Music. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907396, 2005)

Thomas Tallis (ca 1505 – 1585)
3  Remember not, o Lord God
4  If Ye love me
La Chapelle du Roi olv Alistair Dixon
(CD: Tallis : Complete works. Brilliant 94268, 2011; recording 1996 – 2004)

William Byrd (ca 1540 – 1623)
5  Second service: Magnificat
6  Second service: Nunc dimittis
Choir of Magdalen College Oxford cpmdicted by Bill Grayston Ives
(CD: William Byrd : second service & consort anthems. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907440, 2007)

Thomas Morley (1557/8 – 1602)
7  Burial Service: I am the resurrection
8  Burial Service: Man that is born
Ferdinand’s Consort conducted by Stephen Bullamore
(CD: British Church music series 4 : Thomas Morley. Priory Records PRCD834, 2005)

Thomas Tallis
Tunes for Archbishop Parker’s Psalter (1567)
9  Man blest no doubt (ps 1)
10  Let God arise in Majesty (ps 68)
11  O come in one to praise the Lord (ps 95)
La Chapelle du Roi olv Alistair Dixon

Thomas Ravenscroft (ca 1588 – 1635)
From The Whole Booke of Psalmes (1621)
12  Psalm 4, Oxford tune
13  Psalm 73, York tune
14  Psalm 39, Martyr’s tune
Rosalind Rees, soprano. Thomas Bogdan, tenor. Patrick Mason, baritone. Richard Muenz, baritone. The Gregg Smith Singers conducted by Gregg Smith
(cd: A Gift to be Simple. The Gift of Music CDG1136, 2004)

William Lawes (1602  – 1645)
15  The lamentation
16  Gloria Patri et Filio
William Child (1606  – 1697)
17  The first set of psalms
Charivari Agréable olv Kah-ming Ng
(CD: The Oxford Psalms. Signum SIGCD093, 2007)

William Byrd
18  In nomine a 5 (iv)
(CD: William Byrd: second service & consort anthems. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907440, 2007)

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