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An educational programme featuring early music.
The world of Codices, episode 2.

Today, the second part in a three-part series about Codices. Codices is the plural of Codex, a bound book from the Middle Ages. In  this hour, you can listen to music from the Faenza Codex and the St. Emmeram Codex, which were both written in the 15th century.


Guillaume de Machaut
1. De toutes flours
2. Honte, paour, doubtance
3. De toutes flours (instr.)
4. Honte, paour, doubtance (instr)

Francesco Landini
5. Che pena è quest’al cor

Jacopo da Bologna
6. Aquila altera
7. O ciecho mondo

Ensemble Organum led by Marcel Pérès with Gérard Lesne, countertenor. Josep Benet, tenor. Josep Cabré and Malcolm Bothwell, bass
(Album: Codex Faenza – Ensemble Organum, Harmonia Mundi 1901354)

Johannes Brassart
8. Christi nutu sublimato
9. Christ is erstanden

Johannes Vaillant
10. Ad honorem/Par maintes fois

Guillaume Dufay
11. Supremum est mortalibus
12. Mille bon Jores (Buxh)
13. Sequitur adhuc semel Dulongesux (Buxh)

14. Credo

Petrus Wilhelmi
15. Presulem euphebeatum

Stimmwerck and Léon Berben, organ
(Album: The St Emmeram Codex – Stimmwerck, Aeolus AE 10023)

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