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An educational programme featuring early music. The wise King Solomon and the Song of Songs. Music inspired by the Song of Songs. The Hebrew name is Shir-HaShirim and means Song of Songs.

According to the title line, the Song of Songs originates from King Solomon. Since the Middle Ages, Solomon has appeared in song texts. In this hour, we will hear a number of examples.

From the school of St. Martial de Limoges (12th century)
1. Rex Salomon (bivocal sequence)

Anne Delafosse and Anne-Marie Lablaude, soprano
(CD L’Arbre de Jessé. Ensemble Gilles Binchois. Glossa GCD P32302)

Leonhard Lechner (1553-1606)
From ‘Das Hohelied Salomonis’ (anno 1606):
2. Er küsse mich
3. Ich bin Schwarz
4. Ich gleiche dich
5. Sihe, mein Freundin
6. Ich bin ein Bluomen
7. Fahet uns die Füchs

Capella Lipsiensis conducted by Dietrich Knothe
(CD Jungfrau eur Wankelmut Capella Lipsiensis. Berlin Classics 009172 BC)

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525/6-1594)
From ‘Cantica Salomonis’:
8. Antiphon: in odorem – Motet: Osculetur me
9. Antiphon: Nigra Sum – Motet: Nigra sum sed Formosa
10. Antiphon: Sicut lilium – Motet: Sicut lilium inter spinas
11. Antiphon: Ego dilecto – Motet: Dilectus meo mihi

Palestrina Ensemble Munich and Schola Cantorum conducted by Venanz Schubert
(CD Palestrina Cantica Salomonis. Naxos 8.573096-97)

Dario Castello (1602–1631)
12. Sonata Prima per flauto e basso continuo
– Allegro
– Presto
– Allegro
– Adagio
– Allegro
– Allegro
– Adagio

Giacomo Carissimi (1605-1674)
13. Sinfonia
14. ‘Iudicum Salomonis’
– Historicus A solis ortu et ab occasu
– Mulier I Ego et mulier haec
– Mulier I, II Non est ita ut tu dicis
– Salomo Deus judicum tuum regi da
– Salomo Afferte, afferte gladium
– Mulier II rectum judicum tuum, o rex
– Mulier I heu heu, Fili me
– Salomo Dividite, Dividite
– Mulier II Nec mihi, nec tibi
– Mulier I Heu, heu non dividatur
– Salomo Date huic infantum vivum
– Mulier I Congratulamini mihi omnes
– Chorus o, o popul, venite

Barbara Zanuchelli, first woman. Maria Chiara Pavone, second woman. Francesco Ghelardini, Historian. Leonardo Sagliocca, Salomon. Ensemble San Felice conducted by Federico Bardazzi
(CD Giacomo Carissimi Vanitas Vanitatum….. Bongiovanni GB 5157-2)


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