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An educational programme featuring early music.

An educational programme about early music. Today we feature music from the 17th century on two newly released CDs. Viennese violin music from around 1680, from a manuscript which currently lies in the British Library in London. We also hear Spanish music by José Marin, who travelled to South America in the 17th century and primarily wrote ‘Tonos humanos’.


Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (ca. 1620/23–1680)
1. Sonata 14 in G minor
2. Sonata 3 in D major

3. Sonata 2 in D minor
Alessandro Poglietti (?–1683)
4. Praeludium Secundi Toni
5. Sonata 21 in A minor

Veronica Skuplik, violin. Jörg Jacobi, organ
(CD Catena Bohemica: Violino. Fra Bernardo FB 2104505, 2020)

José Marin (1618-1699)
6. Ay, Dios, qué dulce mal
7. De amores y de y ausencias

Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz (1626-1677)
8. Xácaras por primer tono

José Marin (1618-1699)
9. Yo desengano mió
Anonymous (around 1700)
10. Folias de espanya

Carlos Serrano, tenor. Musica Ficta
(CD En mi amor tal ausencia. Lindoro NL 3046, 2020)


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