Dusted off

wed 15 oct 2008 19:00 
Composers: Joseph Haydn | Karl Kohaut

In search for old and forgotten CDs in the archive of the central record library Rotterdam: 18th century music for lute and strings…

1. Joseph Haydn (1732-1809). Cassation in C-maj, Hob.III, nr. 6.
2. Karl Kohaut (1726-1784). Trio for violin, lute and cello in B flat.
3. Ernst Gottlieb Baron (1696-1760). Concert for flute, lute and b.c., no 1 in C & Lute sonata in B flat.
4. Johann (jr.) Kropfgans (1708-?). Sonatine for violin, lute and cello in D, "Pour la divertissement".
Trio Galanterie.