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sun 13 mar 2016 19:00 hour

Episode 20: Conamus, WO and NPI.

72 Dutch jazz + world 2000 cover
Dutch world music! is a series of broadcasts about the range of music genres made in The Netherlands, that can be counted in the extensive area of world music.
Since the 80s, world music is a collective term for folk music (or traditional music), non-western classical music, non-western pop music and a mix of these.
In The Netherlands, a number of unique collections is made with recordings of homegrown non-western and multicultural music. These recordings can be found in the collections of several semi-pulic institutions, societies and private individuals. Over the years, music organisations made a couple of compilation CDs not meant for trade.
In this episode, disc two of the double compilation CD Dutch Jazz + World 2000, a promotion album meant for foreign radio stations. It’s compiled by Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (Radio Netherlands Worldwide) in collaboration with Conamus and Dutch Rock & Pop Institute (NPI).
Gerardo Rosales
Gerardo Rosales, percussion player (conga and bongo) from Venezuela, has been living in The Netherlands since 1996. Accompanied by several musicians, he’s an important promoter of the rhythms and styles of play of his native country, on his records and during his performances.
Josee Koning with Ivan Lins
Josee Koning is praised in The Netherlands and Brazil for her interpretation of Brazilian music. The Brazilian singer, composer and pianist Ivan Guimarães Lins was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1945. He experienced his first breakthrough as a composer with the song "Madalena" (Ivan Lins and Ronaldo Monteiro), recorded by the famous Brazilian singer Elis Regina.
Les Sofas de Bamako
Les Sofas de Bamako is group of young Malian musicians who play traditional music mixed with jazz and blues. The melodic intensity and their sense of rhythm touched the Dutch saxophone player Dick de Graaf and their collaboration resulted in a recording session in Salif Keita’s Wanda studio and a tour in the Netherlands.
Slagerij van Kampen is a Dutch percussion band from Eindhoven that plays traditional as well as modern World Percussion. On their first albums you can mainly hear traditional percussion while their later albums feature modern electronic gadgets. Most songs are instrumental.
Zuco 103 is a Dutch band, formed in 1999 and consisting of Dutch drummer Stefan Kruger, German keyboard player Stefan Schmid and Brazilian/Dutch singer Lílian Vieira. The band pioneered with ‘Brazilectro’ by combining Brazilian, jazz and electronic elements. The sound of Zuco 103 is characterised by various styles including drum ‘n bass, dub and afro. Zuco 103 is inspired by sounds from all over the world; from Ethiopia to Cuba to western Africa.
From the first half of the 80s, composer, sound artist and producer Michel Banabila, operating from Rotterdam, makes experimental ambient of high quality, which has influences from world music interweaved in it. His pioneering work in the genre contains collaborations with numerous musicians from various styles. For example with Ali Bahia El Idrissi, a Moroccan singer, percussion player, composer, songwriter and music video producer, who lives in The Hague.
Paul van Kemenade Quintet
Alto saxophone player Paul van Kemenade (Rotterdam, b. 17 May 1957) is one of the famous exponents of the school of Tilburg, The Netherlands. He’s admired for his powerful, lyrical play and praised for the effort he puts in organising concerts and facilities for musicians. On this song he is accompanied by guest artists from South Africa who are not mentioned by name.
Chris Hinze
One of The Netherlands’ most versatile and succesful musicians, active in jazz, pop, reggae and new age. Mr. Hinze is known for setting his own independent course with every time new collaboration projects.
Quatro Ventos
The Portuguese singer/guitarist Emanuel Pessanha founds Quatro Ventos in 1996. The slogan ‘The pain of happiness and the joy of sadness’ fits in remarkably well with fado but Quatro Ventos does not solely sing about sorrow and setback. Besides compelling fados and ballads, they also make optimistic and cheerful songs.
Dutch Jazz + World 2000 (Conamus – COS 084)
CD 2: World
1.  Gerardo Rosales – Quitapesares                6:00
2.  Josee Koning With Ivan Lins – Comecar De Novo                                                                 4:28
3.  Les Sofas De Bamako feat. Dick De Graaf –
     Gne Mufo                                              5:23
4.  Slagerij Van Kampen – La Tribu Humana     5:49
5.  Zuco 103 – Qutro Lado (Scratches – Dj Git
     Hyper)                                                  4:35
6.  Banabila / Idrissi – DodoVoiz                    7:41
7.  Paul Van Kemenade Quintet – Silenzio       9:21
8.  Chris Hinze – Flowing Clouds                    5:10
9.  Quatro Ventos – Que Deus Me Perode        5:17

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