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Early Delights

Your Sunday repose with pleasant early music; special ‘delights’, now from 8 centuries of music history.

1. Dieterich Buxtehude (1637-1707).
Ich suchte des Nachts.
Guy de Mey, tenor. Max van Egmond, bass. Ricercar Consort.
(RIC 252 A, 2007)
2. Etienne de Liège (ca. 850-920).
from Ad Matutinum:
– Invitatorium: Deum verum.
– Lectio: Itaque convenit.
Psallentes led by Hendrik Vanden Abeele.
(RIC 249, 2006)
3. Anonymous (English, 17th century).
The black Joak (c.1660).
John Playford’s Dancing Master.
On the cold ground (1665)
The queen’s delight (1665)
Catherine Ogle (1687)
Pedro Memelsdorff, recorder. Andreas Staier, harpsichord.
(DHM 82876 68360, 1995)
4. François Regnard (? -ca.1590).
Dedans ce bois.
Jean de Castro (ca.1540-ca.1600).
Quand je dors.
François Regnard.
Contre mon gré.
Ensemble Clément Janequin led by Dominique Visse.
(HMA 1951491, 2001)
5. Gottfried Finger (ca.1655-1730).
Aria et variationes, D dur (Allegro).
Sonatina d moll:
– [Toccatta] – [Aria] Adagio.
– Allegro – Adagio.
Petr Wagner, viola da gamba. Ensemble Tourbillon.
(ARTA F1 0137, 2005)

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