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Early Delights

Your Sunday repose with pleasant early music; special delights from 5 centuries of music history.

1. Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672).
from Symphoniae Sacrae III, op. 12 (1650):
Der Herr ist mein Hirt, SWV 398.
– Siehe, es erschien der Engel des Herren, SWV 403.
– O Jesu suss, wer dein gedenkt, SWV 406.
Cantus Cölln and Concerto Palatino led by Konrad Junghänel.
(HMC 901850.51)
2. Francesca Maria Veracini.
Sonata Terza in d.
– Largo.
– Allegro.
– Largo.
– Allegro.
La Barca Leyden: Raymond Honing, transverse flute. Cees van der Poel, organ. Cassandra Luckhardt, cello.
(ACD HN 022-2)
3. Robert Jones (fl.1597-1615).
Sweet Kate.
Tobias Hume.
A Spanish Humour (The Lord Hayes’ Favourite).
Robert Jones.
Ite caldi sospiri.
Michael Chance and David Cordier, countertenor. Tragicomedia led by Stephen Stubbs.
(CDA 66335)
4. John Playford.
from The English Dancing Master, 1651:
A Mask no. 6.
– Drive the cold winter away, The Beggar Boy.
Les Witches.
(Alpha 502)
5. Johann Bernhard Bach (1676-1749).
Suite No. 2 in G-dur:
– I. Ouverture.
– II. Gavotte en Rondeau.
– III. Sarabande.
– IV. Bourree: Gayement.
– V. Air: Grave.
– VI. Gigue.
Freiburger Barockorchester led by Thomas Hengelbrock.
(Virgin 5 61485 2)