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Early Music News

fri 2 jan 2009 11:00 

We pay attention to the new and striking CD from the world of early music. The newest CD by Barocco Locco conducted by Fritz Heller: Spaerens Vreuchden-Bron with 17th-century music from Haarlem. Fritz Heller was a guest in the programme The Open Music Box during the recent anniversary of The Concertzender.

Pieter de Grebber.
1. Intrada Claudin Patoulet.
2. Inviolata, prima, secunda en tertia pars Vesperale Romanum…
3. Hymnus in honorem St. Bavonis.
4. Voorspel.
5. Weest welkom.
6. Geluk-wenschinge.
7. Synphonia Pavana en Gaillarde.
8. Dat ick betovert ben, part 1, 2, 3, and 4.
9. Corente.
P. de Grebber.
10. Dat altijd dese Schael…
11. Caprice.
J. Albert Ban.
12. Omnia sunt hominnum.
P. de Grebber.
13. Orpheus Ban.
14. O vos omnes, prima en secunda pars.
15. Synphonia in nuptias 1641, Pavana en Gaillarde.
S. van Noordt.
16. Sonata a Cimbalo Solo.
17. Da Pacem – Ecce quam bonum.
Barocco Locco conducted by Fritz Heller.
label: Aliud HD 031-2