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Early Delights

sun 19 may 2019 16:00 

A Sunday hour with early music goodies.

The month May is the month of spring and that’s why you will hear spring-like music in the second half of the programme. However, the month of May is also dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and that’s why we begin the programme with Mary music.

Anonymous (12th century)
1 Gaude Virgo Virginum
2 Veri floris sub figura
In Mulieribus
(CD: Notre Dame de Grâce. INM 1, 2007)

Alfonso X El Sabio (1221 – 1284)
3 Rosa das Rosas (Cantiga 10)
4 Deus te salve groriosa (Cantiga 40)
Aquel Trovar
(CD: De Santa Maria. AT170101, 2018)

Tomás Luis de Victoria (approx. 1548 – 1611)
5 Ave Maris Stella
Orazio Vecchi (1550 – 1605)
6 Gitene ninfe
Capella de la Torre conducted by Katharina Bäuml
(CD: Water Music: Tales of nymphs and sirens)

Giovannni Ghizzolo (approx. 1580 – approx. 1625)
7 Perché fuggi tra’ salci
8 O ninfa, ninfa, a ch’il morir è grave
9 O primavera, gioventù dell’anno
Fantazyas conducted by Roberto Balconi
(CD: Ghizzolo: Il secondo libro de madrigali. Brilliant Classics 1094834BRC, 2014)

Dario Castello (1602 – 1631)
From: Sonata Concertate in Stil Moderno, Libro 2 (1629)
10 Sonata decima terza a 4
11 Sonata decima sesta a 4
12 (addition) Sonata decima quinta a 4
Musica Fiata conducted by Roland Wilson
(CD: Sonata concertate in stile moderno 1629. CPO 555 011-2, 2016)

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