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Early Delights

A Sunday hour with early music goodies. In today’s episode of Early Delights, you can listen to an international music mix from different countries and eras.

Leonora Duarte (1610 – 1678)
1 Sinfonia de primi toni
2 Sinfonia de primi toni, seconda parte
3 Sinfonia de secondi toni
4 Sinfonia de terti toni
Korneel Bernolet, virginal. Transports Publics led by Thomas Baeté, gamba
(CD: The Duarte circle : Antwerp 1640. Musica Ficta MF 8028, 2018)

Johann Christoph Pepusch (1667 – 1752)
5 Concerto grosso for violin and strings and basso continuo in B flat major.
– I Vivace
– II Adagio
– III Allegro
– IV Adagio
– V Allegro
The Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen
(CD: Concertos and Overtures for London. Ramée RAM 1109, 2012)

Pierre Danican Philidor (1681 – 1731)
6 Trio No 2 in E minor for two flutes.
– I Air
– II Air en suite
– III Rigaudon
– IV Passacaille
Les Barricades mystérieuses led by Stéphan Perreau, traverso
(CD: 3 Trios pour Hyacinthe Rigaud, le peintre du Roi soleil. Pierre Verany PV700036, 2002)

Philippe Verdelot (approx. 1480 – 1530)
7 Donna che sete fra le donne belle
8 La bella donna a cui donast’ il core
9 Deh quanto è dolc’amor
Lynda Sayce, harp and lute. Alamire led by David Skinner
(CD: Madrigals for a Tudor king. Obsidian CD703, 2008)

Thomas Simpson (1582 – 1630)
From: Opus newer Paduanen … Ricercaren (1617)
10 Intrada in D minor a 5
From: Opusculum neuwer Paduanen … Volten (1610)
11 Courante and volta in D minor a 5
12 Pavan and gaillard in D minor a 5
13 Pavan and gaillard in A minor a 5
Weser-Renaissance Bremen led by Manfred Cordes
(CD: Taffel consort : Instrumental works of William Brade & Thomas Simpson. CPO 999 952-2, 2013)

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