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Early Delights

sun 16 feb 2020 15:00 hour

A Sunday hour with early music goodies.

It is mid-February, and the carnival season is in full swing in the southern provinces of the Netherlands. This program is also in a festive mood today. You can listen to  music, which may have sounded during the carnival in Venice.

Leonardo Leo (1694 – 1744)
From: Catone in Utica

  1. Soffre talor del vento
  2. Ombra cara ombra adorata
    Ann Hallenberg, soprano. Il Pomo d’Oro led by Stefano Montanari.
    (CD: Carnevale 1729. PentaTone PTC 5186 678, 2017)

    Giovanni Pacoloni (16th century)
    From: Dances for three lutes (1564)

  3. Passamezzo de Zorzi
  4. Saltarello de Zorzi
  5. Paduana de Zorzi
  6. Passamezzo della duchessa
  7. Paduana della duchessa
  8. Saltarello della duchessa

    Giovanni Croce (1557 – 1609)
    From: Triaca musicale (1595)

  9. Il gioco dell’occa
  10. Canzon da Contadini
  11. Mascheratta de Gatiani
    I Fagiolini led by Robert Hollingworth
    (CD: Carnevale Veneziano. Chaconne CHAN 0665, 2001)

    Anonymous (16th century)

  12. Ich kumm aus fremden Lande
  13. Pavane
  14. Pavana La Cornetta
  15. Saltarello Zorzi
  16. Pavana El Bisson
  17. Saltarello Tutu
    Syntagma Amici led by Bernhard Stilz
    (CD: Krumhorn, cromorne, tournebout, storto? Ricercar RIC 262, 2008)

    Ludwig Senfl (around 1486 until around 1542)

  18. Carmen
  19. Carmen in La I
  20. Carmen in La II


  21. Tandernac a 4
    La Caccia led by Patrick Denecker
    (CD: All Ding ein Weil. Musica Ficta MF 8015, 2013)
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