Early Delights

A Sunday hour with early music goodies.

Baroque music inspired by two current royal events: the birthday of King Willem-Alexander and the death and funeral of the British Prince Philip.

Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714)
Uit ‘Actus Homagiali’ (1705):
1. Marche
2. Serenata Josephs Neuer Kayser-Thron
3. From ‘Concerto Exultemus, Gaudeamus, Laetemur’:
– Tace languor
– Applaudite, applaudite
Concerto Stella Matutina conducted by Alfredo Bernardini
(CD Josephs Neuer Kayser-Thron, fra bernardo 1506262, 2015)

Johann Georg Reutter (1708-1772)
4. Pizzicato (instr.)
5. Motetto de Sancto Wenceslau Wenceslaum Sanctissimum
La Gioia Armonica conducted by Jurgen Banholzer. Margit Übellacker, dulcimer. Monika Mauch, soprano. Stanislava Jirku, alto
(CD Portus Felicitatis, Ramée RAM 1302, 2015)

Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741)
6. From Kaiserrequiem:
– Introitus
– Communio
Vox Luminis and Scorpio Collectief conducted by Lionel Meunier
(CD Kerll Fux – Requiems, Ricercar RIC368, 2016)

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