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Early Delights

Delights from early music. Today we have a music program from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. You will hear works by composers from Flanders, Italy, Germany and Spain.


Jacob Regnart (1540 – 1599)
1 Ach weh der Zeit
2 Ein Lieb nit mehr hat
3 Du hast mich sollen nehmen
(cd: Amorosi pensieri. Hyperion Records CDA 68053, 2014)

Adrian Willaert (1490 – 1562)
4 Giunto m’ha amor
5 I begli occhi
Capella Marciana en La Pifarescha olv. Marco Gemmani
(cd: Willaert e la Scuola Fiamminga a San Marco. Concerto Classics 2117, 2020)

Jacopo da Bologna (fl. 1340 – 1360)
6 I me son un (instr)
7 I me son un (madrigale)
8 Per sparverare (caccia)
La Reverdie
(cd: Madrigali e cacce. Arcana A 327, 2009)

Jacob Obrecht (1457 – 1505)
9 Tant que nostre argent durra
10 Marion la doulce
11 Tandernaken
12 Se bien fait
13 Fuga
Camerata Trajectina en La Caccia
(cd: De wereldlijke werken. Globe Records GLO 6059, 2006)

Ludwig Senfl (1486 – 1542)
14 Mit Lust trit ich an diesen Tanz
15 Was wird es doch Wunders noch
16 Das Lang
17 Das Gläut zu Speyer
Singer Pur en Ensemble Leones
(cd: Senfl. Oehms Classics OC 1726, 2022)

Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (1150 – 1207)
18 Guerras ni platz no son bos
19 No magrad’iverns
20 Kalenda maya
Ruth Rosique, Soprano. Capella de Ministrers conducted by Carles Magraner
(CD: Trobadors – Courtly love in the Middle Ages. Licanus CDM 0308, 2004)


depicted: Detail of the triumphal entry of Venus (Francesco del Cossa, 15th century)


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