Celeste Cornetto, episode 1. Let yourself be swept away by the cornetto’s heavenly sounds… In this miniseries we play some Italian, German and English music from the 17th century, meant for cornetto and played by the best contemporary cornetto players.

1. trad. La Monica.
2. (naar) Cipriano de Rore. Anchor che col partir.
Le Concert Brisé (William Dongois, cornetto. Freddy Eichelberger, organ and clavicytherium. Benjamin Perrot, lute and theorbe).
3. Buxtehude. Sonate IV, opus 1.
4. Buxtehude. Sonate en la mineur.
Le Concert Brisé (William Dongois, cornetto. Stefan Legeé, trombone. Pierre-Alain Clerc, organ).
5. Palestrina/Bovicelli. Io son ferito, hai lasso.
6. Palestrina/Rognoni. Io son ferito.
7. Palestrina/Rognoni. Pulchra es amica mea.
La Fenice (Jean Tubéry, cornetto. Christina Pluhar, harp. Matthias Spaeter, archlute. Jean-Marc Aymes, organ and harpsichord).
8. John Adson. Air 1.
9. Anthony Holborne. Wanton.
10. William Daman. Fantasie a 6 soprani.
Les Sacqueboutiers (Jean-Marie Canihac, Marie Garnier-Marzullo, Philippe Matharel, Jean Imbert, Jean-Luc Machicot and Régis Singlit, cornetto).

Cornetto muto (silent cornetto), cornetto en tenorcornetto.