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Zomer and Van Dyck. Early baroque songs sung by Dutch soprano Johanette Zomer and Flemish tenor Stephan van Dyck, alternated with instrumental music by Private Musicke led by Pierre Pitzl.

Together with theorbist Fred Jacobs, Soprano Johannette Zomer will perform English songs in the new season of early music 08/09, while tenor Stephan van Dyck can be heard with Private Musicke, performing love songs from 17th-century Paris.
CD recordings of these musicians can be heard here.
1. Anthoine Boësset.
Me veux-tu voir mourir.
2. Marc-Antoine Charpentier.
Celle qui fait tout mon tourment.
3. Michel Lambert.
– Rochers, vous êtes sourds.
– Vos mépris chaque jour.
4. Sébastian le Camus.
– Laissez durer la nuit.
– Qu’une longue tiédeur ennuie.
Johannette Zomer, soprano. Fred Jacobs, French theorbe.
5. Pierre Bouteiller.
– Motet O salutaris hostia.
– Motet O fidelis et dilecte commensalis.
Stephan van Dyck, tenor. Les Voix Humaines.
6. Antonio Carbonchi. Ciaccona.
7. Michelangelo Galilei. Toccata, Volta.
8. Girolamo Frescobaldi. Canzona.
9. Domenico Pellegrini. Brando.
Private Musicke led by Pierre Pitzl.
10. Johann Sebastian Bach.
– Aria: So oft ich meine Tobackspfeife, BWV 515a.
– Aria: Warum betrübst du dich, BWV 516.
– Aria: Gedenke doch, mein Geist, BWV 509.
Johannette Zomer, soprano. Pieter-Jan Belder, organ and harpsichord.
11. Stefano Landi.
– Quando Rinaldo.
– Invan Lusinghi.
Johannette Zomer, soprano. Stephan van Dyck, tenor. L’Arpeggiata led by Christina Pluhar.

More info on the concerts that these musicians will give in the 08/09 season of early music: www.oudemuziek.nl
And Johannette Zomer’s website: