thu 16 aug 2007 13:00 
Composers: John Playford | Sting

The English Dancing Master. Music from the 17th-century dance book by John Playford, performed by Les Witches, Lautten Compagney and The Harp Consort.

1. – Paul’s Steeple.
– Prince Rupert March, Masco.
– Virgin Queen, Bobbing Joe.
– Sheperd’s Holiday.
– Bravade, Argiers.
Les Witches.

2. – Scotch Cap.
– Lulle me beyond thee.
– The Whirlygig.
– Punk’s delight.
The Harp Consort led by Andrew Lawrence-King.

3. – Daphne.
– Stingo.
– Confess his tune.
– Drive the cold winter away, The Beggar Boy.
Les Witches.
– Chirping of the Nightingale.
– Boatmen.
– Parson’s farewell.
– All in a garden green.
– St. Martin’s/Grim King of the ghosts.
Lautten Compagney led by Wolfgang Katschner.