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sat 11 may 2013 04:00 
Genre: Pacific
Composer: Elvis Presley

Hawaiian Music: ‘The Real Stuff !!’ (Part 1)

Today we can hardly imagine the incredible popularity of Hawaiian Music in the last century, first in America and later on the rest of the world. It started around 1915, the Hawaii rage was not only intense, but it was also long-lasting.
The most well known artists of America including  Bing Crosby, Andy Williams and Les Paul, but also groups as The Andrews Sisters and The Mills Brothers performed Hawaiian music until the 60s. Even the ‘moderne’ Marty Robbens and Elvis Presley made Hawaii records and Ricky Nelson sang ‘On the beach at Waikiki’ in a film. The accompaniment often consisted of native Hawaiians (or bands). There was so much to do at Hawaii that Hawaiians most famous bands played in the most prominent hotels and restaurants, who also made lots of records.
The next broadcasts entitled ‘The Real Stuff!!’ are about these kind of bands. Today’s central figure is Pauline Kekahuna and Her Hau’oli Girls who recorded, what we call, the original Hawaiian music on the Hawaiian record label Waikiki Records.
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