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fri 4 mar 2016 22:00 hour
Genre: Pacific

LOS FRONTERIZOS Conjunto Folkórico Salteño Episode 1.

Los Fronterizos
No, this time not again tango from Argentina but folklore. Some said Los Fronterizos bore comparison with The Beatles with the only difference being that The Beatles were at the top of the ‘música popular’ while Los Fronterizos were at the top of the ‘música folklórica’. With the Misa Criolla by Ariel Ramírez they wrote history but nowadays this mass represents but a fraction of their huge repertoire.  How could four school boys with a hobby and each a different vision of their future grow into true national heroes and representatives of the ‘música national’? The Concertzender will be paying a lot of attention to this in a musical documentary. The first part will give an overview of their almost 50-year anniversary. Later parts will each cover a certain period. For example, the last part will give an idea of the final period, in which they frenetically tried to keep up the legendary first 25 years. Today, the first part (the overview).

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