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Exitos Musicales

fri 4 nov 2016 22:00 

Golden Age of Exotica, collected by Henk Braaksma.

Trio Maravilla y Manuel Jiménez.

A programma like this has to have a name, doesn’t it? So: ‘Trio Maravilla Manuel Jiménez.’

But actually it is José Juan García aka Chiquitín García, who we want to put in the spotlight. He started out as guitarist and singer (or played the maracas) with the famous Cuarteto Mayarí of composer and trumpet player Plácido Acevedo Sosa in 1938. He performs in several Puerto Rican ensembles, some which named after him, and in the 70’s he becomes the musical director of the same Cuarteto Mayarí. In 1940 he was part of the sublime Trio Maravilla which was founded then. They were very succesful in bars and small restaurants in the Big Apple and after that with the well knownManuel Jiménez y Su Cuarteto from the Jiménez family. Manuel Jiménez also started out in 1938 with Plácido Acevedo.

In this programme we only have excerpts from the repertoire of these two ensembles and we will take their merengue specialties for granted.

01. La gayofona, guaracha
02. Mi cafetal, porro
03. Nunca es tarde, bolero
04. Yim yere, guaracha
05. Qué maravilla, jaleo-merengue
06. No hay mal que dure cien años
07. Dolor de muelas, guaracha
08. Nuestra tradición
09. Por presentao
10. El asunto, porro (Esther Forrero)
11. Fuímonos (Jiménez)
12. Que le den pau pau (Jiménez)
13. Temeridad, bolero (Jiménez)
14. No empujen, charanga (Jiménez)
15. Culpable, inocente (Jiménez)
16. Cuando tu decidas (Jiménez)
17. En bicicleta (Jiménez)
18. La pulguita, plena-porro (Jiménez)
19. Preocupación (Jiménez)
20. Tócale la bocina, plena-porro (Jiménez)
The music is derived from the following albums:
Trío Maravilla – Chago/Chiquitín/Ray LP: Seeco SLP 24
Trío Maravilla, LP: Seeco V.3425
Trío Maravilla – Qué Maravilla!, 1954 LP:Tropical TRLP 5065
Trío Maravilla – Chago/Chiquitín/Ray 1952, LP: Seeco(Vogue)EPL.7.155
Trío Maravilla – Chago/Chiquitín/Ray, 1950, LP: Seeco (Vogue) EPL.7.155
Trío Maravilla, Eshter Forrero, vocal, 1952, LP: Exito 20 359
Exitos de Manuel Jiménez, 1958, LP: Tropical TRLP 5043
Jiménez Manuel – Siempre Alegre, 1960, LP: Ansonia ALP 1254


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