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Lithuanian rituals of Bronius Kutavicius

Pagan tone rituals that seem to have blown over from a different age. The music of 84 year old Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavicius doesn’t sound like any other. Kutavicius is generally regarded as the most important composer of the small Baltic country of Lithuania.

Strongly influenced by the repetitive folk music of his country, and, between the lines, he seems to push his music forward towards post-minimalism. An archaic tone world that is revealed in this Feature broadcast by listening to a few key pieces. At the centre is his monumental choir and orchestra cycle ‘The Gates of Jerusalem’ (1995)


1. ‘Ryto Rytelio’ (Sutartines, traditional Lithuanian folk song) byTrys Keturiose (Three in Four) Lithuanian Traditional Music: Polyphonic Songs.
Tautos Namu Santara label TNS-CD 002 CD
2. Bronius Kutavicius: Second String Quartet ‘Anno cum tettigonia’ (1980) for string quartet and tape, on Vilnius Streichquartett: Neue Musik aus Litauen. Vilnius String Quartet.
Academy/Edel ACA 8503-2 CD
3. Bronius Kutavicius: ‘Last Pagan Rites’ (1978) for choir and organ (four parts) on Bronius Kutavicius – Last Pagan Rites. Choirv of the Vilnius Ciurlionis Art Acadamy conducted by Romas Grazinis with Leopoldas Digrys, organ.
Ondine ODE 972-2 CD
4. Bronius Kutavicius: ‘The Gates of Jerusalem’ (1995) for chamber orchestra and choir (four parts), St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra Vilnius + Aidija Chamber Choir conducted by Donatas Katkus.
Dreyer-Gaido label 21003 CD

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