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wed 22 mar 2017 20:00 hrs

The fascinating art of flute from the USA; the alien, ethereal beauty of the flute. Today composers seems to be riveted by this illusive instrument, from Edgard Varèse to Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

Besides, the sound of the flute blends beautifully with electronics, as the work of Maggi Payne demonstrates. In this broadcast of Feature, we focus on virtuoso American masters like Robert Dick and Petr Kotik. We take extra time to look at the ‘Mount Everest’ of flute solo pieces: the monumental ‘Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December’ by recently deceased American composer William Hellermann.

1. Edgard Varèse: ‘Density 21.5’ (1936) for solo flute, on Varèse: The Complete Works. Jacques Zoon (flute) Decca 460 208-2 2CD
2. Steve Reich: ‘Vermont Counterpoint’ (1982) for amplified flutes and tape, on Adams/Reich. Ransom Wilson (flute, alto flute, piccolo) EMI Angel CDC-7 47331 2 CD
3. Philip Glass: ‘Piece in the shape of a square’ (1968) for two flutes, on Glass: Music in the shape of a Square. Alter Ego/Manuel Zurria (flutes) Stradivarius STR33602 CD
4. Maggi Payne: ‘Scirocco’ (1983) for fluit, digital delay and tape. Payne: Crystal. Maggi Payne (flute and electronics) Lovely Music LCD 2061 CD
5. Petr Kotik: ‘Integrated Solos III’ (1986-1988), for flute, tambourine with digital delay, trumpet and trombone, on SEM Ensemble: Virtuosity with Purpose. S.E.M. Ensemble condcuted by Petr Kotik (dwarsfluit). Ear-Rational ECD 1034 CD
6. Robert Dick + Thomas Buckner: ‘Takeout Karma’ (2009) on Flutes & Voices. Thomas Buckner (voices) + Robert Dick (flutes). Mutable 17541-2 CD
7. William Hellermann: ‘Three weeks in Cincinnati in December’ (1979) by Robert Dick (flute) New World Records 80789-2 CD

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