Folk it! (alternative)

fri 20 feb 2009 20:00 

Folk magazine about past and present, from freak folk to minstrels.

(Hilde Marie Kjersem, image: Eirik Helland Urke)
This time we will mainly shed light on the darker side of life. After all, on 19 January we once again endured the most unlucky day of the year: Blue Monday. Reason enough to hold on to that feeling a little while longer and comfortably wallow in misery, sorrow and pain. The actual unluckiest day has come and gone anyway!
CD ‘A Killer For That Ache’ – (2008) Rune Grammofon
1. ‘A Killer For That Ache’ – Hilde Marie Kjersem
CD ‘A Fire To Scare The Sun’ – (2008). Silvox
2. ‘Until The Morning Comes’ – Declan de Barra
CD ‘Welcome To The Welcome Wagon’ – (2008). Asthmatic Kitty Records
3. ‘Deep Were His Wounds, And Red’ – The Welcome Wagon
CD ‘Oulipo Saliva’ – (2008) We Are Unique Records
4. ‘Narrow Minds’ – Angil + Hiddntracks
CD ‘Brainwash’ Triple X Records
5. ‘Plumber’s Lament’ – Spongehead
CD ‘Sloppy Ground’ – (2008) Constellation
6. ‘Have I Lost My Eyes’ – Eric Chenaux
CD ‘Ze Willen Wel Je Hond Aaien Maar Niet Met Je Praten’ – 2009. Excelsior Recordings
7. ‘Alleen’ – Roosbeef
CD ‘Clangour’ Morr Music
8. ‘Sunken Ship’ – Sin Fang Bous
CD ‘Það kólnar í kvöld…’ – (2007) Private release
9. ‘I Sjavarhaska’ – Rökkurró
CD ‘Kurr’ – (2007) Ever Records
10. ‘Seoul’ – Amiina
CD ‘Strips In Stereo’ – (2006) Excelsior Recordings
11. ‘De Verpleegster’ – Guido Belcanto
CD ‘Tonight’s The Night’ – (1975). Reprise Records
12. ‘Borrowed Tune’ – Neil Young
CD ‘Love’ Private release
13. ‘The Edge Of Town’ – Frida