Folk it! (alternative)

wed 21 jan 2009 14:00 

Folk magazine about the past and present, from freakfolk to minstrels. In today’s special Chinese folk-related music.

Today, as usual, we pay attention to recently released CDs, fresh demos and beautiful old material, plus a special brimming with Chinese folk-related music.
In the past year, China was quite in the limelight and not just because of the Olympic Games. Moreover, in 2008 Arjan van Sorge – composer of this Folk It! – renewed his acquaintance with the early forms of Chinese pop music and the likes, a musical genre not many people in the Netherlands have been able to listen to yet. 
CD ‘Alpinisms’ (2008). Ghostly International
1. ‘Iamundernodisguise’ – School Of Seven Bells
CD ‘The Ladies’ Second Song’ (2007). Bang!
2. ‘The Ladies’ Second Song’ – Lais
CD ‘Beet Van Liefde’ (2008). Raaf Records
3. ‘Vergeef Me Dat Ik Leef’ – Alex Roeka (see image)
CD The Saga Begins… (2007).
4. ‘Real Love’ – Saga’s Suitcase
CD ‘Silent Movie’ (2008). !K7 Records
5. ‘Victoria’s Secret’ – Quiet Village
CD Sorrow (2007)
6. ‘Sorrow’ – Lonely China Day
CD  ‘Hohak Carnival (2005)
7. ‘Destitute Man’ – The Hohak  Band
8. ‘’ – Long Ge
CD ‘My Life Will’ (2006)
9. ‘’ – Zhang Xuan
CD ‘Introducing Hanggai’ (2008). Introducing / World Music Network
10. ‘Lullaby (Borulai)’ – Hanggai
LP ‘The Fire In The Rose’ (1985). Rising Sun Records
11. ‘China’ – Susan Mazer
CD ‘Shoreline’ (2005). Stockholm Records
12. ‘China Girl’ – Anna Ternheim
CD ‘Stolen From Strangers’ (2008). Yellowbird-Records
13. ‘The Here And After’ – Jun Miyake