Folk it! (alternative)

wed 11 feb 2009 14:00 
Composer: William Blake

Folk magazine about past and present, from freak folk to minstrels.

MAYa, pictured above, was fathered in a trailer in England and named after a song by the Incredible String Band. Soon, she, her parents and their friends travelled to Asia in a van and she returned with two kohl rimmed eyes and coloured bracelets around her wrists and ankles. While growing up with her grandparents in England, she became obsessed by music and developed her aesthetic work for ‘Recommended Distribution’ and ‘These Records’. After many journeys around the world and musical experiments, MAYa conjured up her debut album titled ‘Y’: psycho-acoustic sound sculptures of orchestral beauty with voices from another dimension. It is now available in a limited edition of only 500 copies on ‘Discalcula Records’.
Nora Keyes is known for her eccentric theatrical acts, in which she easily transforms herself from an innocent child to an old with, while accompanying herself on an organ. In this Folk it! we play a lot of experimental music, for example by Agnivolok, which is a project by the Russian Vera Agnivolok now living in Israel. The new releases are by the Japanese Susumu Yokota with vocals by Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe, Matteah Baim who first with Sierra Casady from CocoRosie formed the soft metal band Metallic Falcons and J. Tillman who is a drummer as well with the nowadays quite popular Fleet Foxes. From 2005 you will hear Boduf Songs, which is the artist name of Mat Sweet from England. Singer and guitarist Josephine Foster and bass player Jason Ajemian together form the folk duo Born Heller. In England in 1970, a group of students formed The Moths and created the record ‘Heron’s Daughter’ which became the rarest record ever since only one copy has ever been made. Also from 1970 are the anti-war songs by Bob Edmund, who sings "I gotta leave this place, it’s such a waste". The psychedelic folkrockband Fresh Maggots prefers life over working in the factory in ‘Dole Song’ and even more acid rock comes from ‘The Comfortable Chair’. Allen Ginsberg was a famous American poet who in 1969 put some poems by William Blake to music, with the help of a few musicians. You will hear even more poem lovers in the demo section, in which we play a live recording by the talented Dutch/German band Poets to Their Beloved. And finally in the schedule, you will hear a taste of Mariee Sioux who plays in the Paradiso in Amsterdam on 10 February.
Be there or be square!
10” Y 2008. Discalcula Records PeaY
1. Living Behind Smoke – MAYa
CD Mother 2008. Lorecordings LCD73
2. A Flower White – Susumu Yokota
CD Laughing Boy 2009. DiCristina Stairbuilders 13
3. Wildness – Matteah Baim
CD Vacilando Territory Blues 2009. Western Vinyl W 056
4. No Occasion – J. Tillman
CD Boduf Songs 2005. Kranky Krank085
5. Puke A Pitch Black Rainbow To The Sun – Boduf Songs
Demo Opname Radio Castricum
6. Unknown title – Poets To Their Beloved
CD Born Heller 2004. LOCUST  051CD
7. Born Heller – No More Lamps In The Morning
CD Songs To Cry By For The Golden Age Of Nothing 2004. Dual Plover PBD-703
8. Small Apart – Nora Keyes
CD Cherries 2006. The Eastern FrontFront 005
9. Henbane – Agnivolok
CD Heron’s Daughter 1994 (1970). Kissing Spell
10. I am lonely – The Moths
LP I See No Colors 1970. Rabo
11. Waste – Bob Edmund
LP The Comfortable Chair 1968. Ode Records 212 44005
12. Be Me – Comfortable Chair
LP Fresh Maggots 1971. RCA Victor SF 8205
13. Dole Song – Fresh Maggots
LP Allen Ginsberg Sings William Blake – Songs of Innocence and Experience 1970. MGM/Verse CTS 3083
14. Introduction – Songs Of Innocence – Allen Ginsberg
CD Faces In The Rocks 2007. Grass Roots Records GGR0015
15. Two Tongues – Mariee Sioux