Folk it! (XL)

fri 23 jan 2009 20:00 

Folk magazine about past and present, from freak folk to minstrels.

We’re in the dead of winter which means it’s time for a heartwarming Folk it! Today we will broadcast music from regions where it’s even colder than the Netherlands. We pay attention to the debut of the Swedish duo Siri Karlsson and the Swedish old hands Kebnekaise and Arbete Och Fritid. For this mini special, we crawl even further up north: Sami music or joik is at the centre of this special. The east wind brings with it music from Latvia, including by the formation Ilgi, and a multi-Russian project under the name of REEL which lets you hear what kind of music you get when various Russian cultures make music together. Via a wintry song of the German Malbrook (see image), we end up in the most northern province of the Netherlands: Groningen. Make yourself some hot cocoa, put on your favourite slippers and for an hour or so let yourself be swirled away with the cold northern wind.
CD mellan träden (2008). Tombola records 01
1 Nästa bandhagen – Siri Karlsson
CD Deep woods – 1993. Resource 501
2. Gånglåt efter lejsme Per Larsson, Malung – arbete och Fritid
CD Electric Mountain. Resource records 503
3. Polska från Härjedalen – Kebnekaise
CD – Bálvvoslatjna (1998) Antilles 5590232
4. Risten – Mari Boine
CD Meavraa (2001). Atrium 8573-85273-2
5. Meavraa – Transjoik
CD – Ruošša eanan (1997). Atrium 0630-19717-2
6. Hilddá luohti – Ulla Pirttijärvi
CD Gierran (1997). Rockadillo Zencd 2055
7. Gierran – Wimme
CD –  Kalado (2000). UPE 022
8. Es bej vins kuplys lips – Laiksne
CD – Kaza kapa Debesis (2003). UPE 048
9. Nesmejieti jus lautini – Ilgi
CD Strannie ludi (2002). Sketis
10. Vutitsa – Reel
CD Malbrook. Westpark 87102
11. Winterleed – Malbrook
CD Olipodrigo (2006). Private label
12. Drij keuningenlaid – Törf
13. T blaauwe lint / exose