Folk it! (XL)

fri 9 jan 2009 20:00 

Folk magazine about past and present, from freak folk to minstrels.

We know the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Alps, the route du soleil, the Tour.. Every year hordes of holidaymakers go to the country of Marianne. But, what do we know about France and about French folk music in particular? Probably very little. In just one hour Folk it! (XL) there is obviously no way we can provide a complete overview of the authentic music and present-day successors of the country of boursin et du vin. For this we refer to the beautiful edition of ‘Anthologie de la chanson Française’ with the EPM label. In this mini special we do pay attention to Gabriel Yacoub; one of the most important folk musicians of contemporary French folk music. Before that you will hear how Les Doigts de l’homme covers gypsy music in metal speed and how Gregory Jolivet cranks up his hurdy-gurdy with the energy of a true punk rocker. Daniele Sepe is Italian and he gives the Neapolitan folk music a contemporary twist. We end with the Norwegian Ragnhild Furebotten trio but before that we will surprise you with an actual demo of a young Flemish group called Dr. Eugene and a look ahead at the calendar with the Scottish group Malinky. Oh right.. the comparison? How about ‘Pierre de Grenoble’ in French and … in Finnish!
CD Les doigts dans la Prise. Cristal records PCD0704
1. On n’ira pas a Samois – Les Doigts de l’homme
CD Alt’o solo. Aepem 08-01
2. Dervish Riders – Gregory Jolivet
CD Senza filtro. Felmay FY8049
3. Elektrika Pisulina – Daniele Sepe
CD Demo, no title. Private label
4. Amour – Dr Eugene
CD le Bestiaire. Boucherie Prod 082303
5. Les Transformations – Malicorne
CD Babel. Boucherie Prod BP 3186
6. Reve A-Demi- Gabriel Yacoub
CD Quatre. Boucherie Prod BP 3182
7. Le Sel et le Sucre – Gabriel Yacoub
CD De la nature des choses. Le Roseau ROS 110
8. Un jour je me suis fait poète – Gabriel Yacoub
CD Pierre de Grenoble. Boucherie Prod 3183
9. Pierre de Grenoble – Gabriel & Marie Yacoub
CD Sota kirottu!Silence SLC 019
10. Viimeinen suudelma – Tarujen Saari
CD Flower & Iron. Greentrax CDTRAX330
11. The Ploughboy and the Maid (The Ploughboy and the Maid / Give It a Wee Try) Malinky
CD Endelig Vals. Ta:lik TA34CD
12. Hanspolsa – Ragnhild Furebotten Trio