Folk it! (XL)

fri 13 feb 2009 20:00 

Folk magazine about past and present, from freak folk to minstrels.
Girl power in Folk it! (XL).

Angels’ voices, vixen’s haggle, strapping throat eruptions, whispering fairy tale sounds, smoky voices, powerful shrews or childlike simplicity… This episode of Folk it! (XL) is dominated by women. For the entire hour you will hear only women’s voices in all its varieties. Singing by ladies in folk music is not unusual, as we noticed during the composition of this programme. There was more we needed to filter out than we could admit in order to fill the allocated play time. Therefore, we have limited the origins of the voices mainly to the south of Europe and the high North and you will especially be hearing the lesser known musicians. Joanna Newson (see image) is a well-known name in neo folk. Sheila Chandra even scored a hit once with the group Moonson, called Ever so lonely but today you’ll hear her in a British traditional. You will hear the South European voices of Lucilla Galliazi, Angelique Ionatos, Mercedes Peon and Olatz Zugasti. And also of Marcella Pischedda, an Italian living in the Netherlands. With her group Lymayna she can be found in the demo section. In the North, we go from Iceland, with Bara Grimsdottir, to Sweden where Sofia Karlsson brings us beautiful ballads. We end this episode with a sturdy bit of Estonian folk rock by Ilgi. Inbetween in the comparison, you will hear two more renditions of the song ‘When I was on horseback’. So, Friday the 13th means Girl power in Folk it! (XL)
CD The milk eyed mender. Drag city DC263 CD
1. Bridges and Balloons – Joanna Newson
CD The imagined village. Real World CDRW 147
2. The Welcome sailor – Sheila Chandra & Chris Wood
CD Italie, musiques populaires d’aujourd’hui. Buda rec 92702-2
3. Fiore Delicato – Il Trillo
Demo. Geen label
4. Spummucu – Lumayna
CD D’un bleu tres noir. Naive b6900
5. I Palami Sou – Angelique Ionatos
CD frootcd029
6. Aiche – Mercedes Peon
CD Bulun Bulunka. Elkarlenean ELkar KD 532
7. Haurra Egizu Lotto Lotto – Olatz Zugasti
CD Ten man mop or Mr reservoir butler rides again . Castle CMQDD 1252
8. When I was on horseback – Steeleye Span
CD Sweet liberty . World Village 468029
9. When I Was on Horseback – Susan McKeown
CD Funi, Green man GMCD00
10. Morgun bæn – Bara Grimsdottir
CD Visor fran finden, Amigo AMCD 759D
11. Näckaspel – Sofia Karlsson
CD Ne uz vienu dienu. Upe cd 069
12. Dej eglite, jeg eglite (Fir tree is dancing)- Ilgi