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fri 7 nov 2008 14:00 
Genre: Indian Raga

A programme by Pieter de Rooij about schools and styles within the North Indian raga music. With recordings of contemporary big names and their old masters. Amsterdam India Festival!

(Joep Bor, photographer: Pieter de Rooij)
In this episode, a preview of the upcoming Amsterdam India Festival. Guest programmer Joep Bor talks at length about the significance and scope of this festival, and about the raga artists that will perform at this festival. In this preview of the Amsterdam India Festival, you can hear the following artists: Amjad Ali Khan, Zakir Hussain, the Gundecha Brothers and Ulhas Kashalkar.
And so, for raga enthusiasts, Gharana serves as an ideal prelude to the Amsterdam India Festival.
title: Amsterdam India Festival, promo video by Het Concertgebouw,
put on Youtube on 1 October 2008:
title: Alla
performer: Zakir Hussain
composer: Zakir Hussain
album: Tabla Beat Science
label and year: Axiom PALMCD 2046-2 ; P and C 2000
title: Raga Yaman – Jor
performer: Gundecha Brothers
composer: trad.
album: Temple Voices
label and year: Sense World Music 103 ; P and C 2008
title: Raga Bahar – Composition In Jhaptaal
performer: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
composer: trad.
album: Music from the 13th Century
label and year: Navras ; C 2005
title: Raga Jaunpuri – Khyal in Jhaptal
performer: Ashwini Bhide
composer: trad.
album: Women Through The Ages
label and year: Navras 1581628 ; C 1999
title: Raga Malkauns – Vilambit Khayal
performer: Ulhas Kashalkar
composer: trad.
album: Nilaya
label and year: Sense World Music 086 ; P and C 2007
title: Raga Sivapriya
performer: L. Subramaniam
composer: trad.
album: Three Ragas for solo violin
label and year: Nimbus 5323 ; C 1991
title: Raga Chandrakauns
performer: Hariprasad Chaurasia
composer: trad.
album: Fabulous Flute
label and year: Chhandra Dhara SP 10185 ; P 1985