Global Muse

sun 4 jan 2009 15:00 
Composer: Traditional

Music is universal.

The Netherlands and Belgium are musically speaking very versatile which is reflected in the diversity of their inhabitants.For centuries, they arrived from all corners of the world and musically they mixed with the native musicians. Music is universal which is shown once again from the completely different (new) CDs from the Netherlands and Belgium we will play this hour.
1) Opening tune Global Muse (M. Poels)
Duur: 0’58 sec.
Title CD: ‘Anders’
1) Title track: Ik bouw ein hoes (G. van Maasakkers) 2’36
Performing: Frans Pollux
Label: CUP 8036
Title CD: ‘De reddende waeg’
2) Title track: Tabé (F. Pollux) 3’17
Performing: Neet oét Lottum
Label: Hipporecords N.O.L.205                                            
Title CD: ‘Acoustique’
3) Title track: Wassiya (Kasba) 4’02
Performing: Kasba
Label: www.kasba.nl                                                          
Title CD: ´Als een vreemde´
4) Title track: Nooit of te nimmer (T. Bourmás/S. Vópis/T. Meeuws)
5) Title track: Bid voor ons (N. Antípas/L. Nikolakópoulou/T. Meeuws) 3’20
Performing: Tim Meeuws
Label: Silvox SIL199
Title CD: ‘André Manuel & De Ketterse Fanfare’
6) Title track: Kraaien (A. Manuel) 4’50
Performing: André Manuel
Label: Silvox SIL204                                                       
Title CD: ‘Colors’
7) Title track: Sen Gelmez Oldun (Trad.) 5’33
8) Title track: Yalgizam (Trad.) 5’45
Performing: Esra Dalfidan
Label: Challenge CHR70143                                                      
Title CD: ‘Al palna’
9) Title track: Prabhu (G. Benali/P. Edouard) 6’09
Performing: Ghalia Benali & Bert Cornelis
Label: Zimbrazz MWCD 3033                                                        
Title CD: ‘Cohen in het Fries’
10) Title track: De Swalkerinne (L. Cohen) 4’30
Performing: Gurbe Douwstra
Label: www.coheninhetfries.nl – 93918
Title CD: ‘Cohen in het Fries’
11) Title track: Halleluja (L. Cohen) 5’58
Performing: Nynke Laverman.
Label: www.coheninhetfries.nl – 93918                                    
Title CD: ‘Beet van Liefde’
12) Title track: Tot het einde door (A. Roeka) 4’48
Performing: Alex Roeka
Label: Coast to Coast CTC-2990511                                          

Producer and presenter: