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sat 18 jan 2020 16:00 

Soul Jazz from the fifties, sixties and seventies: THE INNER CITY BLUES, an episode about jazz funk from the 1970s.

Records on labels like Groove Merchant, Kudu and Blue Note look like soundtracks from “blaxploitation movies”. It is music from the ghetto, which is often inspired by soul and funk artists like Marvin Gaye and Sly Stone. In tonight’s episode you can listen to Phil Upchurch, Ramon Morris, Grover Washington Jr. and Ronnie Foster.

Freddy Robinson, The Creeper (Hot Fun In The Summertime, Liberty 1970)
Phil Upchurch, Inner City Blues (Darkness, Darkness, Blue Thumb 1972)
Joe Thomas, Thank You (Fall Etin’ Me Be Mice Elf Agin) (Joy Of Cookin’, Groove Merchant 1972)
Ramon Morris, Sweet Sister Funk (Sweet Sister Funk, Groove Merchant 1973)
Reuben Wilson, Superfly (The Cisco Kid, Groove Merchant 1974)
Young-Holt Unlimited, Bumpin’ On Young Street (Oh Girl, Atlantic 1972)
Grover Washington Jr., Ain’t No Sunshine (Inner City Blues, Kudu 1972)
O’Donel Levy, I Wanna Be Where You Are (Dawn Of A New Day, Groove Merchant 1973)
Ronnie Foster, Cheshire Cat (Cheshire Cat, Blue Note 1975)
Jimmy McGriff, Back On The Track (Electric Funk, Blue Note 1970)

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